NANIWA SAW & KNIFE MFG. delivers quality product
metal blades, shearing devices, and circular band saw blades.

Since our establishment in 1955, to various requests from all fields,
Naniwa Hamono that has always answered with know-how (no clause required) with advanced technology and vast know-how.
The spirit that can be said to be that, and the eye that quickly determines the needs (meaning point) will not change even as the times go by.

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In the background of industrial development, there is a speed cutlery. I keep cutting iron and how many frosts.

Iron and steel have been at the very core of the success of key industries in Japan. Iron and steel grow ever harder, stronger and more durable in the rapidly advancing world of science and technology. Iron and steel are essential materials for a great majority of industries. Just as all industries have undergone great change in these technologically advanced times so has blade, knife and saw technology.
It is under these great circumstances that we have been producing high-quality steel cutting/shearing tools for the toughest cutting jobs.

Our technological advancement, and our ability to produce high-quality, high-precision products is testament to NANIWA SAW & KNIFE?MFG.’s more than sixty year history of fulfilling the needs of a wide scope of industries. The demand for quality products is, and will always be on the rise. We endeavor to stay at the cutting edge of industry no matter how complex the demands become.

Our ambitions are to help strengthen the Japanese economy and continue to supply customers with the best in highest precision products on the market for custom use. We manufacture products made from the finest steel composition.
From this point we will diligently continue to expand our technology while at the same time keep our production facilities rationalized and modern. Our shearing knives and saw blades will always be competitive in the markets for which they have been manufactured.

So we ask ourselves “What people need today and what they will need in the future?” Development of crushing blades for recycling purposes is rapidly developing market. We as a company would like to meet these needs. We will stay firm in our belief of responsible use of resources and technology to make the world a better place.

We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

Toyohiko Ono Founder NANIWA SAW & KNIFE MFG. INC.