From Our Representative

Our company was founded in 1940 (Showa 15) as a manufacturer of metal cutters.

Since that time, we have been steadily walking along with the postwar reconstruction, high economic growth, and the rapidly changing Japanese economy.

When it was said that "iron is a nation," we have also made cutlers with a focus on metal cutting, and have manufactured and sold cutlery to contribute to society.

However, nowadays, as society has matured, it has become essential to consider not only the economy but also the environment.

The role required for metal cutters also varies from cutting to crushing to crushing.

We believe that it is our mission to reach the foundation 80 years, to send to the society "blades" that can meet these demands.

In order to fulfill this mission, we will work together as a team.

We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

We at NANIWA SAW & KNIFE MFG will remain diligent in the continued pursuit of product development and technological improvement.

Kimitsugu Ono  Cheif Executive OfficerNANIWA SAW & KNIFE MFG. INK.

Company Overview

Firm NANIWA SAW & KNIFE MFG. INC. (Japanese: Kabushiki Gaisha Naniwa Hamono Seisakusho)
Established September 22, 1940
Capital \40,000,000
Employees 55 (As of May 2019)
Representatives Chief Representative Director Kimitsugu Ono
Sales Offices
  • Head Office, Osaka Factory
    3-22 4-Chome, Imafuku-Nishi, Joto-Ku Osaka-Shi, Osaka, 536-0004 Japan
    TEL +81-6-6939-4871/FAX +81-6-6939-4874
  • Tokyo Office
    446-1 Yatsuka Nakamachi, Soka-Shi, Saitama-Ken, 340-0025 Japan
    TEL +81-48-925-4554/FAX +81-48-924-1974
  • Nara Factory
    1589-6 Kitatawaracho Ikoma-Shi, Nara-Ken, 630-0412 Japan
    TEL +81-743-79-2103/FAX +81-743-79-9008
  • Shearing Blade (for steel shearing)
  • Slitter Knife (for steel shearing)
  • Hot Saw Blade (for hot sawing)
  • Cold Saw Blade (for cold sawing)
  • Blades for recycling and waste disposal
  • Other products: manufacturing cutting tools for machinery, repair services, heat treating processes.
Banks Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Keihan Kyobashi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Tenmabashi Branch
  • 本社
    Head Office
  • 大阪工場
    Osaka Factory
  • 東京支店
    Tokyo Office
  • 奈良工場
    Nara Factory



Head Office・Osaka Factory

Tokyo Office

Nara Factory


1940 Began manufacturing of cutting tools for machinery under sole management of Toyohiko Ono in Osaka's Jyoto Ward
1943 Reorganization of capital due to business expansion (Capital \500,000)
1954 Tokyo Factory established in Katsushika Ward to meet
growing demand in the Kanto Region (Capital \3,000,000)
1961 Capital increased to \8,000,000
1963 Tokyo factory newly established in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture in response to an increased demand for saw blades, H-shaped steel structures, and steel pipe.
(Capital \10,000,000)
1965 Saw Blade Manufacturing Department established with the purpose of developing better blades for a then technologically underdeveloped Japanese industry.
1969 Specialized saw blade factory newly established in Neyagawa City, Osaka.
1975 Osaka factory equipment renewed in order to assure improvement of productivity and quality of machine edged tools.
1984 Nara factory newly established in Ikoma City,
Nara Prefecture in response to growing demand for saw blades in the region.
1995 Neyagawa factory closed and integrated with the Nara Factory.
Nara factory completed.
1998 Commence production and sale of saws and blades for recycling and related equipment.
2007 Tokyo offices reorganized Heat treatment equipment at the Osaka factory fully renewed.
2008 Capital increased to \ 40,000,000


Nation-wide Network of Our Valued Clients

Our individually crafted cutting tools, shearing Knives, and circular saws are highly reputed among blast furnace manufacturers and processing industries throughout Japan. Itis our extensive networking over the past 70 years which keeps us current and competitive today's market.

Principal Domestic Accounts

  • Nippon Steel Corp.
  • JFE Steel Corporation
  • Kobe Steel, Ltd.
  • Nippon Steel Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Nittetsu Stainless Co., Ltd.
  • Nittetsu Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Joint Steel Making Co., Ltd.
  • Osaka Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Topy Industries, Ltd.
  • Tokyo Steel Co., Ltd.
  • JFE Bar Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Yamato Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Nakayama Steel Works, Ltd.
  • Nakayama Steel Industry Co., Ltd.
  • New Kansai Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Kishiwada Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Ashikawa Steel Works, Ltd.
  • Datong Special Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Aichi Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Steel Muroran Special Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Japan High Frequency Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi Metals, Inc.
  • Kei British Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Kotetsu Co., Ltd.
  • Ito Co., Ltd.
  • Asahi Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Chosen Co., Ltd.
  • Daiwa Kotetsu Co., Ltd.
  • Chubu Kotetsu Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Metallurgical Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Steel Building Materials Co., Ltd.
  • JFE Building Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Steel Plantech Co., Ltd.
  • Inc. IHI
  • Nittetsu Tex Engine Co., Ltd.
  • JFE Shoji Co., Ltd.
  • JX Metals Corporation

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Principal Overseas Accounts

  • Hyundai Steel Company
  • Dongkuk Steel Mill Co.,Ltd.
  • Pohang Iron and Steel Company
  • Korea Steel Shapes Co.,Ltd.
  • SeAH Steel Corporation
  • Dragon Steel Corporation
  • Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corporation
  • China Steel Corporation