Shear plate for shearing steel plate

Number 1 manufacturer of durable blades

Our shear knife which heat-treated special steel properly in the latest gas furnace.
The internal hardness is uniform and excellent economy is achieved, and it is suitable for shearing of ordinary steel plates, tensile steel plates, steel plates, etc.

  • Shear Knife for Steel Plate
    Shear Knife for Steel Plate
  • Shear Knife
    Shear Knife
  • Up-cut Shear Knife
    Up-cut Shear Knife
  • Flying Crop Shear Knife
    Flying Crop Shear Knife

Shear Knife for Steel sections, Round steel and Specialized Knife

Innovation and Diversity

For machining complex shapes, our custom-made wire cutting machine and M / C machining and grinding technology are utilized.Also, from selection of materials, heat treatment, accuracy of cutting edge, and checking of dimensional accuracy It is managed with a complete system, and has been well received by various users.

  • Side Clipping Shear Knife
    Side Clipping Shear Knife
  • Angle Cutter(Upper)
    Angle Cutter(Upper)
  • Bar Shear Knife
    Bar Shear Knife
  • Angle Cutter(Lower)
    Angle Cutter(Lower)

Round blade Rotary Knife for Steel Coil

Complete Heat Treatment, Unmatched Precision

Rotary knives with sharp edges created from optimum material selection, perfect heat treatment, and high precision polishing, designed based on the specifications of the material to be sheared, are ideal for high-speed continuous shear work.
Used as a knife to guarantee the best production, it is widely used from steel mills to processing centers, and the number of regrinding is secured to realize excellent economic efficiency. It is widely used in shear work such as silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, brass plate, copper plate, aluminum and titanium.

  • Slitter Knife φ405mm
    Slitter Knife φ405mm
  • Slitter Knife(Holder Type) φ420mm
    Slitter Knife(Holder Type)
  • Side Trimmer Knife φ450mm
    Side Trimmer Knife φ450mm
  • Large round blade φ850mm
    Large round blade φ850mm

Blades for Recycling and Waste Treatment

Naniwa scrap shear

Scrap shears used under the most severe conditions.
We have developed a material that combines high toughness and durability, and by performing heat treatment unique to our company, the "hard shell" necessary for cutting and the "soft inner shell" necessary for durability are more ideal. It is possible to achieve this situation, please try Naniwa scrap shears once.

  • Guillotine Cutter
    Guillotine Cutter
  • Guillotine Cutter
    Guillotine Cutter

NANIWA HAMONO's Shearing / Crushing Blades for Waste Disposal

Years of producing hot and cold roll metal scrap cutting blades, and large circular saw blades has given us extensive experience in manufacturing products that are able perform to the highest degree under any cutting condition.
If you have had trouble processing difficult objects in your sorted rubbish please contact us immediately for a consultation. We will work with you to find a solution to your problem.
We take pride in working closely with our customers every step of the way.

  • Shearing/Crushing Blades for Waste Disposal Uniaxial Machines
    Shearing/Crushing Blades
    for Waste Disposal Uniaxial Machines
  • Shearing/Crushing Blades for Waste Disposal Biaxial Machines
    Shearing/Crushing Blades
    for Waste Disposal Biaxial Machines

Saw Brades for Steel Material

High quality of domestic top share

We have successfully increased the sharpness and hardness of our blade tips by employing a special tip hardening method. This is the leading factor in how we have been able to substantially increase tip life. In addition, we have made the necessary corrections for strain reform, expansion adjustment, and warping. We offer our customers perfectly balanced and evenly shaped saw blades.

Our products are optimum for use with large, medium, and small-sized shearing knives for steel structures, for billet, for section steel of all sizes, and metal tubing.

  • Hot Saw Blade φ1810mm
    Hot Saw Blade φ1810mm
  • Friction Saw Blade φ1610mm
    Friction Saw Blade φ1610mm